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In the year 2000 four unemployed persons joined hands together to form an organization to assist mainly school leavers and job seekers. In 2001 THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION TRUST a private autonomous non profit organization (023-755) was formed with its main objective to engage the community in training programs to build capacity and enhance skills that would help the community to find suitable jobs and equally empower the youths of their cultural and social responsibilities.

Effects of Unemployment
We are all aware that unemployment is of a growing concern. Some of the effects of Unemployment.

Social and Moral Values
Living in Unhealthy Environment.The Lack of Medical Support System to certain illness. Away from home for lengthy period of time in search of employment. Difficulties in reaching tertiary education. Young female and children are bread-winners.

The key component of our national efforts is to keep children safe and provide academic enrichment opportunities, skills development, social and cultural empowerment.
The PHOENIX FOUNDATION TRUST, in accordance with it’s guiding principles, is committed to host many workshops to empower the community in training programs, so they can depend on their creative skills to find suitable jobs.
The PHOENIX FOUNDATION TRUST is guided by the following principles as prescribed in the Deed of Trust / Constitution: Community Development - Social Awareness - Cultural Tolerance - Accountability - Sustainability (Projects –Organization).