Artists play a pivotal role in the promotion of culture in South Africa. In recognition of artist’s contribution to language through music an appropriate award with an international flavour is essential.

Most artists around the world sometimes have sung song’s composed lyrics written by India’s poet Laurette Kavi – Arasu Kannadhasan.
Our association with the Kannadhasan family from 1982 resulted in an award being specially created for the promotion of the Tamil language in South Africa. The Kannadhasan Cultural award was handed to Mr Segai Kiston by the son, Mr Gandhi Kannadhasan. After the first launch at the Durban City Hall it was thereafter realised
such an awards presentation to be hosted on an annual basis. This day entitled “Ninaiv – Anjali” is commemorated around his Death Anniversary in October.

Due to the many concerns raised by the Tamil community that the Tamil language is experiencing difficulties to be part of the mainstream amongst the five languages mentioned in the South African constitution. The PHOENIX FOUNDATION TRUST with assistance from Chennai chose the death anniversary of South Indian poet – Laurette Kavi Arasu Kannadhasan to promote the Tamil language in South Africa in the month of October. Cultural leaders and the public are invited to a commemorative ceremony on this day. Whilst artists will be performing songs written by Kannadhasan the audience will receive CD’s and literature. This function is hosted annually. If you wished to be part of this function you can contact the PHOENIX FOUNDATION TRUST.

Kannadhasan Cultural Awards 2014 Nominations The following criteria will apply: 1.You must be a South African Citizen. 2.One item with lyrics written by Kannadhasan is compulsory to be performed on Back-Trax. The Back-Trax to be prepared by the selected candidate. 3.Nominations must reach us before the 15th September 2014 with their contact details. 4.Preference will be given to first time candidates. Attendees must obtain a valid ticket which also qualifies them for a free CD. 5.The recipients will be announced as Ambassadors responsible in protecting the Tamil identity in South Africa. 6.The Management of the Phoenix Foundation Trust has the right to select the suitable candidates out of the nominees list. 7.The successful candidate will be contacted by the Phoenix Foundation Trust. 8.The Phoenix Foundation Trust may invite candidates for a listening session. 9.Candidates must gives permission to the Phoenix Foundation Trust to publicize this event.