kas a1Kas Govender

I started initially playing the guitar as a novice when I was about 15 years. I had no formal tutor or training, but managed to teach myself by watching other guitarist’s styles and techniques. My experience started growing when I joined Eastern Shadows as a replacement bass guitarist to tour Malaysia. The challenge was then to transfer my knowledge from playing acoustic guitar to playing an unfamiliar instrument, the Bass guitar. Since then I have been playing the Bass guitar as my primary instrument. I am versatile in both Eastern and Western music and capable of playing all genres. I also enjoy singing popular Western songs.


IMG_1549 a2Jaya Govender

Started singing at the age of 9 and through the years gained experience by performing for many Bands. I am able to sing in most of the Indian languages and most fluent in Tamil and Hindi. My preferred types of songs are Film hits and equally capable in Devotional and Classical songs. I have performed for audiences Nationally including tours to Swaziland. The highlight of my singing career was performing for audiences in Malaysia both in 1998 and 2002. I also had the opportunity of singing and recording original songs for a Santana Eastern album, Anbei Thedi. In the years I spent with Eastern Shadows, we recorded 3 cover version albums on popular Tamil film songs. I enjoy doing new songs that are popular and always looking to improve my singing. I would like to eventually do an album of my own with original songs in the near future.


lykele-temminghLykele Temmingh

Born in the Netherlands and raised in South Africa, Lykele Temmingh completed his formal music studies at the University of Stellenbosch, graduating with his B. Mus. (Performers) before beginning a career as a string player with orchestras in Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban.  He joined the second string section of the KZN Philharmonic during its inaugural season, later becoming a ca-principal until his appointment as the orchestra’s assistant conductor in 1991.  in this capacity, and subsequently as a freelance conductor, he conducted a wide range of music-ranging from educational programs to symphony concerts and outdoor popular programs, including major choral works, opera and ballet.

He has also conducted numerous musicals, including The Sound of Music, Showboat, Evita, Oliver, Annie and The Wizard of Oz.  Lykele was the recipient of the 1991 SAA Performing Arts Award for his services to music.  Now a resident conductor of the KZNPO, Lykele appears regularly on the orchestra’s concert podium.  In 2004 he proudly accepted the important role of selector and conductor of the National Youth Concerto Festival, a prestigious event that is only one of its kind in South Africa.  In 2006 he was appointed Artistic Director and conductor of the KZN Youth Orchestra.  In 2007 Temmingh was music director and conductor of the South African premiere production of The Lion King, which ran for an extended season at Montecasino in Johannesburg.


patrick-ngcoboPatrick Ngcobo

Often described as “possibly the first African to show such expertise and passion for Indian classical music”; the KwaZulu Natal Indian Orchestra are extremely pleased to have Patrick Ngcobo has part of their star-studded line up for the initial KZNIO Concert.

Following the divorce of his parents, Patrick was forced to drop out of school in order to provide for his family.  Patrick began a life that was all too familiar to many South Africans; one of object poverty, drifting from one menial job to another.

Fate stepped in!  In 1988, while living at the home of his employers, Patrick started picking up Indian music.  He began singing Indian “chutney” music.  Recognizing his potential and his presence as a draw-card, Patrick was snatched up by local bands. It was by chance that he heard a song b Dr K.J Yesudas, one of India’s most famous and talented singers.  Not knowing the singer’s name nor the meaning of the lyrics; Patrick identified with the song.  “The sad tone of the song seemed to reflect the painful experience I had been forced to endure,” said Patrick.

And so came the biggest turning point in Patrick’s life; he met and sang with Dr Yesudas in 1991.  So impressed was Dr Yesudas with Patrick’s performance that he invited Patrick to India for singing lessons. Patrick returned from India, an accomplished Karnatic singer, able to read and write not only Indian music, but Indian languages as well. He has rocketed to international stardom and has since received many awards.

Patrick is a familiar voice on late night radio with his weekly Classical Hour Show.  His vast following of loyal listeners can always expect to have their full of classical music, with Patrick elaborating on the meaning of the lyrics of the songs as well as explaining the ragas and rythms of the songs.


rydlin-ranganRydlin Rangan

Started playing music at the tender age of nine years. Studied the art of Thabla & Mrdingam under the Late Shree Gopalan Govender. I play various other eastern & western percussion instruments e.g. Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Dholak, Ganjeera & Octopad.
Over the past twenty two years I have performed with many Bands like the Luxmi Entertainers, Eastern Shadows, Tansen Nepaul
Showband & Dilkash and a host of many popular singers. I have recorded for many albums over the years for many popular local vocalists. I am also a session musician.

Top achievements in my music career

  • Performed with Starnite 92, a music troupe from India with music director, M.S Jaykumar whilst they were touring South Africa.
  • Accompanied popular film star, Monarama & Troupe for sixteen shows in Durban & Johannesburg 1994.
  • I was given the great opportunity by Segai Kiston in December 1994 to record at the famous AVM Studios in Chennai, India for the music album of Rosy Govender “Ellamai Roja”
  • Performed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the banner of GOPIO with the band, Eastern Shadows in September 2001.
  • Performed for Thabla maestro NV. Moorthy in Chennai, India. (My Guru’s Guru)
  • Recorded many albums with the Luxmi Entertainers under the leadership of Segai Kiston.
  • Had the honor of meeting the world’s greatest Thabla Maestro, Zakir Hussein at the Durban Playhouse and India’s famous drummer, Sivamani.
  • Performed for the Launch of Priya Singh’s “Pyaar Rocks” concert at the Emperor’s Palace in Gauteng 2009.
  • Accompanied Shashika Mooruth at a Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar concert 2009 with the Tansen Nepaul Showband.


Sagren-NaidooSagren Naidoo

Popular radio broadcaster Sagren Naidoo has been in the music industry for more than 35 years now, and see himself as "entering a new and exciting avenue" by taking part in the KZN Indian Orchestra. In 1975 Sagren began his illustrious career with the then extremely popular PADMA music group and later recorded the album Immortal in 1980 with PADMA.  Sagren's rendition of the song Malarkodutein from the film Trisoolam is still fondly remembered by his many fans.

Sagren's broadcast career began with Radio Turo, later joining SABC Radio's Lotus FM in 1989 as a music compiler.  With 21 years of experience behind him as the music complier on Lotus FM, Sagren is extremely well versed in music and this has qualified him to take on the task of the Lyric Writing Competition on Lotus FM.


segai-kiston“Sangeetha Kala Rathnam” Segai Kiston

Born in Mt. Edgecombe on April 10th 1957, Segai Kiston started as a musician at the tender age of 8 playing the guitar and harmonium.  Soon he started singing and at the age of 13, wrote his first song in Tamil entitled “Ninaipathuyellam”, which was later recorded in the album “Isai Malar”.

Destiny played a part in shaping Kiston’s singing career.  In the early 1970’s, Mr Sonny Moonsamy visited the home of the Kiston’s, looking for singers.  This provided Kiston with an opportunity for his first public appearance. From that day it was no turning back. Kiston spent many years with the talented Moonsamy, under the banner of Selvam Orchestra.

In 1977 came the birth of Luxmi Entertainers, one of South Africa’s most well-loved  band.  30 albums later the Luxmi Entertainers are still extremely popular among their fan base. With the support of fans and well-wishers Kiston launched the first long playing disc of original compositions of eight Tamil songs in 1982 entitled “Annai Oru Dheepam” (Mother is Light). This album changed the music scene of South Africa and three decades on the album is still played and heard on radio

The LUXMI ENTERTAINERS were now riding on the crest of the wave of popularity and fame.  They were invited to perform all over the country, with some musicians performing in India. Some of the most popular songs dubbed in a Hindi album called ‘Tabassum”.

On his first trip to India, in1982, Kiston came into contact with many singers, musicians, music directors and people in the film world. His most fond meetings were with  Sivaji Ganasan, K.R. Vijaya, and S.P. Balasubramaniyam. In 1989 Kiston spent many months of study with music maestro Illayraja. He also went through an intense theory training. It was on this trip that he recorded the first album with Indian musicians entitled “Enge Ooru Chinne Raja”. Kiston has a diploma in classical music qualifying at the Vidhya Barathy School of Fine Arts in Madras.  Also bestowed upon him is the title “Sangeedha Kala Rathnam” meaning “Music Gem”.

Kiston has performed in front of many dignitaries including the former presidents F.W. De Klerk and Nelson Mandela. He has provided backing music for the famous actress, singer Manorama when she toured South Africa in 1994.
Amongst many musicians and singers Mr Kiston emerged as one of the most progressive artists.  Today most of his compositions are musical hits and is accepted and appreciated in many parts of the world. His effort to propagate language through music, workshops the making of compact discs, hosting cultural concerts still continues.


sindy-muruvan2Ms Sindy Muruvan

Sindy has been entertaining audiences throughout the country and abroad for the last two decades.

Even though she has a bachelor of technology (information technology) degree to her name, she has chosen to give back to the community by teaching our younger generation the art of dance and music.

Her dance institution is also being credited with getting the best out of our youth and instilling in them good morals and values. The dance school is multi cultural and manages to perform for charitable institutions throughout KZN. this is done in perfect harmony despite the school being home to youth from all religious denominations.

Her dance institution is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and have lots of exciting events planned.