kznio-LOGOThe Phoenix Foundation Trust is a non-profit organization formed ten years ago with its main objective of engaging the community in training programs and building capacity to enhance skills that would help the community to find suitable jobs and empower the youth in their culture and social responsibility.

Part of our job creation program and youth development the Phoenix Foundation Trust is hosting a fund raising concert on Friday the 23rd April 2010 at the Tongaat Town Hall featuring over forty multi cultural musicians together with other leading South African radio and television personalities and scintillating dancers.

The program will comprise of songs in Hindi and Tamil and not forgetting The South African and the Indian National Anthem.
This show is a must see for all parents to encourage their children to study the art of western and eastern classical music and it benefits.

The Phoenix Foundation Trust is embarking on a landmark musical project, an orchestra dedicated to the performance of Indian music. Since the early 1990’s infamous international artist and music producer, Segai Kiston, has been pondering over the idea of an orchestra exclusively playing Indian music.

The South African Indian music scene at that time was experiencing an abundance of popular and contemporary music.  However, it seemed to be confined to that genre of music. Thus, the idea of an Indian Orchestra was launched in 1998 with the ground-breaking partnership of well-known Indian musicians and members of the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra.

However, it became difficult to sustain a unit of that caliber, with limited resources and a lack of finances.  Composition and performance of such music experienced some degree of restriction in instrumentations available.

Furthermore, in recent time, the South African Indian music scene has indicated that there is a dependency on Bollywood when it came to listening to music that embraces such a wide variety of instruments.  This fledgling program of the Phoenix Foundation Trust aims to therefore explore avenues within the South African music fraternity to accomplish such music production.

The core objective of the KZN Indian Orchestra is therefore to meet the challenges of having to play music in South Africa as close to or equivalent to music being produced by the overseas market. It is hoped that the avenue of the KZN Indian Orchestra would promote South African artists and their creativity and create a lesser dependency on the overseas market.

In developing a new audience to orchestral music, the KZN Indian Orchestra strives to be a vehicle for such a unit to South Africa and to showcase the talent that we have in South Africa. This would empower local artist, increasing their intellect in respect of this orchestra and educate the artist by broadening their musical knowledge.