Born on 10 April 1953 in Mt. Edgecombe, a place enriched with culture and tradition, also the settlement of the Indians in 1860. Segai Kiston started as a musician at the tender age of 8 years playing the guitar and harmonium, later started singing and then at the age of 13, wrote his first song in tamil entitled “Ninaipathuyellam”, which later recorded in the album “Isai Malar”. The music was equally composed by him.

Both his parents (now late) were also in the musical field. As his late father was in the similar field, music was somewhat in the blood. Brothers Jack, Valla, Siva, Gopaul and sister Mummy are popular singers. His brothers and sister chose to become singers whilst Segai pursued a composing carrier. Coming from an orthodox background, besides studies out-door life-style was unaccepted.
One day an opportunity was given to him by Mr. Sonny Moonsamy with whom he made his first public appearance. From that day it was no turning back. He spent many years with this talented musician under the banner of Selvam Orhestra.

In 1972 a family band was formed which existed for five years. In 1977 came the birth of LUXMI ENTERTAINERS in which Segai Kiston had the task of leading the band. Yes, of course, he’s being the brainchild has taken this group to great heights. After gaining support from well-wishers he launched the first long playing disc of original compositions of eight Tamil songs in 1982 entitled “Annai Oru Dheepam” (Mother is Light). This album has changed the music scene in this country and the LUXMI ENTERTAINERS are now on the crest of the waves. After 3 decades the album is still heard all over. It did not stop there the LUXMI ENTERTAINERS were invited to perform all over the country. Musicians were also performing in India. Some of his favorite songs were dubbed in Hindi, in an album called ‘Tabassum”. Lyrics were written by Mr Saffi Sidiqqe.
His first trip to India was in1982. On this trip he came in contact with many singers, musicians, music directors and people in the film world. Some of them were Sivaji Ganasan, K.R. Vijaya, S.P. Balasubramaniyam. He planned his next trip in 1989 strictly on study purpose. Here Segai spent many months with music maestro Illayraja. He also went through intense theory training. On this trip he also recorded the first album with Indian musicians entitled “Enge Ooru Chinne Raja”.

Until today Mr. Segai Kiston and the LUXMI ENTERTAINERS have produced more than 30 albums of which most of them are musically successful. After 10 years of music research in South Africa Mr. Segai Kiston has a diploma in classical music qualifying at the Vidhya Barathy School of Fine Arts in Madras, also bestowed upon him the title “Sangeedha Kala Rathnam” meaning “Music Gem”. Because his interest was to become a music composer he spent most of his time with music maestro Mr. Illayraja.  Segai’s compositions are enjoyed by over 50 local and overseas artistes including playback singers, Malaysia

Vasudevan, B. Sasireka. He also performed in front of many dignitaries including the former presidents F.W. De Klerk and president Nelson Mandela. He also provided backing music for the famous actress, singer Manorama when she toured South Africa in 1994.

Segai Kiston’s visit to India – Chennai on 5th November 2007 was to meet with professional musicians to assist the Music Industry of South Africa. A team of musicians both from South Africa and Chennai exchanged their musical experience to bring out the best in South African Music. This includes artistes, playback Singers and Music Directors. His recent recording with playback singer Harish Ragavender is sure a musical hit with music and lyrics composed by Segai Kiston. This association will make the journey much more easier for many budding musicians and singers of South Africa and understand the Indian Music Industry so we may better ours.

Segai is married to Rani and have two children, Shaun Kiston who is also a music producer and daughter Sudhashni plays the harmonium / violin. As a lyricist Segai’s inspiration is Kavingar Kannadhasan who has written more than 6000 songs for tamil movies. As a music director his inspiration is M.S. Viswanatham and Illayraja. His favorite local singer Valla Kiston and overseas T.M. Sounderajan and S.P. Balasubramanyam.

Segai’s desire to promote language through the power of music still continues.